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Hello! I’m Kassandra Barrantes!

Kassandra Barrantes, owner of Pure Joy Therapy, is a native of Kentucky and was raised in Casey County. She is a graduate of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Ky. She earned her Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders at Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA. Kassandra has years of experience working with clients from all stages of life, from toddler to adult. Kassandra believes in client centered therapy, allowing the client’s goals to be the focus of each session, and focusing on family education and involvement throughout the therapy process.

While in Savannah, Kassandra met and married her husband Fred. They recently relocated to Taylorsville, Ky and welcomed a baby boy. Kassandra enjoys football, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Services Offered

Speech Language Pathologists evaluate, diagnose, and treat a large range of communication disorders including stuttering, articulation/phonology, language delays and disorders, voice, dysarthria and apraxia, child hearing loss, and swallowing/feeding disorders. Pure Joy Therapy treats both adults and children communication disorders. We strive to make therapy fun and engaging. We focus on family support, education, and involvement because we know that your loved ones will make more growth when their family is fully involved the process.


We offer treatment for the following concerns:


-Receptive language (how you understand language)

-Expressive language (the way you communicate)

-Pragmatic language (social language and conversational skills)


– How your child pronounces sounds


Oral motor exam

– Assessment of strength and coordination of facial muscles, lips, teeth, tongue, palate, and throat



– The pitch, resonance, rate, and loudness when your child talks



– Stuttering and flow of speech.

Which can include sounds or words that are prolongated (stretched out), sounds or words that are repeated, hesitations/pauses, and fillers (“um, “uh”).


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